After years working as a registered nurse, Jan realised that the corporate and government corporations of the world need to start considering the well being and mindfulness of their staff.

A relaxed, motivated and happy staff member is more likely to make less mistakes, have less sick days, perform above their previous best and assist in getting the most out of the rest of their team.

Just a few of the ways Jan can help your workplace:

  • Come and speak with management or all of staff about ways to manage stress and enjoy work.
  • Review the current workplace practices and make recommendations of changes to improve the workplace's environment including techniques to manage stress and staff members' health.
  • Regularly hold connecting mind and body sessions with staff online, in person or a mixture of both.

All upcoming workshops and events can be found on the Events page.

If you’re interested in having Jan visit your workplace or have any other questions please drop Jan a line by going to the Contact page.