7 Day Program

Connecting Mind and Body Program
with Jan Winslade

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Day 1

Breathing Exercise

The breath is one of the most powerful things you can do to reduce stress, feel more relaxed and get focused. Jan will teach you breathing techniques that you can use anywhere, anytime to manage your body.

Day 2

Power of a smile

A big full teeth smile can take you from feeling down & out to empowered and positive, instantly. These smiling techniques are not only great for your mood, they’re infectious!

Day 3

5 Minute Body Movement

Simple body movement can shift old & bad energy like nothing else. Keep your body strong and flexible with this easy 5 minute body movement routine.

Day 4

Relax, Tense Parts of Your Body

Identifying and relaxing tense parts of your body is a super simple but effective way to reduce stress levels. Techniques of mentally picturing muscles that are holding tension and breathing them out will help you adjust to whatever issues may arise in your day.

Day 5

Positive Affirmations

Your mind and body will produce what you feed it. Whether that is food, or thoughts. This 5 minute affirmation practice which can be done daily will have you feeling like nothing is impossible.

Day 6

5 Minute Powernap

This 5 minute guided powernap is the perfect way to relax, refresh and recharge your body. It helps to focus your mind and can immediately turn a bad day into a great one.

Day 7


Sometimes the small bad things that we are presented with overshadow the multitude of great things we have in our life. Spending time focusing on things that bring us joy and happiness will not only make you feel better, but will tell the universe to attract these things for you.

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